Will my insurance company reimburse my online purchase?

In most cases, private insurance companies will consider reimbursing purchases through Medgurumedicalsupply.com We provide our customers with an insurance compliant, itemized invoice that contains the applicable insurance billing code(s) for each item purchased.However, reimbursement is an agreement between you and your insurance company. Medgurumedicalsupply.com is out of network for all insurance plans; be sure to check with your insurance company first if you plan to seek reimbursement.

NOTE: It is important to understand that we do not charge or bill any insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid. As stated on here, we sell direct to you, the patient and customer. Private insurance plans may reimburse patients for the out-of-pocket costs of their CPAP equipment or not based on their policies. Please check with your insurance prior to purchase, It is the customer’s responsibility to understand and confirm their health insurance benefits and rules for submitting reimbursement claims. 

Do you accept private insurance, Medicare or Medicaid? 

No, Medgurumedicalsupply.com is a direct-to-consumer business model, allowing us to offer competitive prices and pass the additional cost savings to our customers directly.

While we don’t work directly with insurance companies, we do provide insurance compliant invoices that allow you to easily seek reimbursement from your insurance company after you purchase. Please check with your insurance carrier regarding their policy for reimbursement for out of network DME providers.